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Which flooring is best for your bedroom?

After choosing a floor for the living room, it’s time to move on to the bedroom. The colour of the walls and the finish of the floor are also very important here. And don’t forget about another important thing – the bedroom is a place of relaxation, so it must be arranged so as to enable those who use it to feel at ease

We selected a very typical and popular interior from the database of photos available in Barlinek’s visualiser. A white wardrobe and a wooden bed are the perfect base for our experiments. Let’s start!


  • Simplicity and completely unobtrusive character are the strong points of this arrangement. The classic white walls brighten up the interior, creating a colourful combination with the wardrobe and accessories. The real highlight is the light wood flooring in a beautiful, subtle shade, made of fashionable wide boards.


Floor Oak Touch and white walls.




  • As in the case of the previous interior, this one is also arranged in Scandinavian style. This time, however, the walls have a more distinctive colour – a fashionable grey. We combined it with whitewashed Cheesecake Molti floorboards, which are slightly lighter in colour than the bed but have a similarly cool tone. The boards are made up of three strips (similarly to a stave), which makes them suitable for use in small rooms as well.


Floor Oak Cheesecake Molti and grey walls.




  • A very striking combination of beige walls (seemingly neutral, yet adding character to the interior) with an ash floor in a milky shade. The boards used are the single-strip version and feature a beautiful grain pattern.


Floor Ash Milkshake Grande and beige walls.




  • The colour scheme used in this arrangement is striking but not tiresome. The walls are painted in a shade of smoky blue, which pairs beautifully with the chocolate hue of the floor. The board used in this arrangement (here in the three-strip version as well) is adorned by a clear grain pattern.


Floor Ash Coffee Molti and blue walls.



  • Ściany w kolorze cegły to propozycja dla osób, które lubią ciepłe odcienie. Ten rodzaj czerwieni nie jest na tyle intensywny, żeby nie można go było stosować w sypialni. Dodaliśmy do tego podłogę w równie ciepłym odcieniu – delikatnego beżu. .


Podłoga Dąb Apricot Sorbet Piccolo i ceglaste ściany




  • An arrangement based on opposites – delicate, light walls and a very dark single-strip floorboard with a striking character. The key to this combination is the warm hue of the colours used.


Podłoga Dąb Affogato Grande i żółte ściany



JNow you can see that the type of floor and colour of walls can really make a difference! Click here to see how we changed the living room. And if you prefer to try it yourself, use our visualiser.