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Grey engineered wood flooring


A grey engineered wood flooring is eagerly used in classic arrangements and modern interiors. Its colour looks remarkable and certainly stands out against the wood-coloured boards and those painted in white. Importantly, grey wood floors are universal and fit into rooms in various modes (they perfectly fit into the vintage style). The right accessories will allow you to create various arrangements. Depending on the decor, interiors with grey engineered wood flooring can be both warm and cool.

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Grey engineered wood flooring in Barlinek’s range

Barlinek affords various types of grey brushed boards. They are available in several shades and finishes. These are, among others,

  • Touch oak (the Senses collection) – wide grey engineered wood flooring coated with matt varnish. Natural wood pattern highlighted by brushing. Medium number of knots.
  • Cardamon Molti Oak (the Tastes of Life collection) – white-brushed grey oak, smartly matt varnish. Three strips on a board (the floor resembles a classic parquet). Small number of knots.
  • Cardamon Grande Oak (the Tastes of Life collection) – grey, double-coloured floorboards. Finished with white brushing and matt varnish. Impressive wood pattern with a small number of knots.
  • Marzipan Muffin Grande Oak (the Tastes of Life collection) – beautiful grey wood floor resembling solid boards. Dyed to an impressive shade of ash, which additionally highlighted by brushing and matt varnish.
  • Alabaster Grande Oak (the Pure Vintage collection) – delicate single-strip wood floors in a grey-white shade, brushed and coated with matt varnish. A floor with a rustic, subtle character, decorated with numerous knots.
  • Platinum Grande Ash (the Pure Line collection) – brushed grey oak with a distinctive decorative graining with a small number of knots. The floor covered with matt varnish.
  • Marzipan Muffin Molti Oak (the Decor Line collection) – grey wood floors with a set of three strips of wood on a board. Its beauty has been additionally highlighted by brushing, chamfering and matt varnish.
  • Platinum Molti Ash (the Pure Line collection) – grey ash floor with a clear wood structure. Brushed, secured with matt varnish. Three strips of wood on each board.

Grey engineered wood flooring – what about the doors?

Creating an impressive arrangement with grey engineered wood flooring can be a challenge. Ash can be a somewhat tricky colour, but fortunately it is universal, and, contrary to conventional thought, it can be combined with both light and dark colours. It should be remembered that doors should not only fit in with grey floor panels, but also with the colour of walls and furniture.

In most arrangements, grey wood floors are combined with dark-brown doors. It also blends well with ashen or cream-coloured wings. The combination of grey engineered wood flooring with white doors with decorative glazing also looks very impressive.

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Grey engineered wood flooring – what about the walls and the furniture?

Ashen wood floors work very well in various rooms. A grey floor in the living room looks exclusive. It also works well in the bedroom or the children’s room. What’s more, a grey wood floor in the kitchen becomes a beautiful complement to bright furniture, and adds character to the arrangement.

Light furniture perfectly matches grey engineered wood flooring. Since appliances are slightly smoother than the floor, they seem smaller and lighter. Grey wood floors also emphasise furniture made of dark wood, e.g. in the colour of wenge or walnut. Grey engineered wood flooring can also be combined with light accessories – then the room will seem more spacious and cosy.

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Caring for grey engineered wood flooring

How do you take care of a grey engineered wood flooring? It is best to have grey wood floors vacuumed on a daily basis. Once in a while, they should be wiped with a special preparation which refreshes the wood – it is important that it is intended for a particular type of board. Harder dirt can be removed from the grey engineered wood flooring with a damp cloth or a suitable, delicate, cleaning agent from Barlinek’s offer.