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Varnished floor boards

Varnished floor boards are highly valued by those who use them. They are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. Barlinek offers varnished floors in various styles, with each board being made up of one or three strips of wood. All boards are made 100% out of wood. The bottom two layers are made of softwood and arranged in a cross shape, whereas the top layer is made of hardwood. During production, the wood is coated with a high-quality varnish with a varied degree of gloss. This enables the floor to be used immediately after its installation, without the need for any additional treatment. All varnished and oiled floorboards can be installed on underfloor heating.


The varnish coat makes the boards more tasteful by bringing out the beautiful structure of wood. In the case of merbau flooring, the varnish also gives it a golden shine. Varnished floorboards are the perfect solution in residential spaces and public use buildings. Varnished floor panels can be used to great effect in various styles of interior design. However, we particularly recommend their use in interiors finished in a classic or modern style. Varnished floorboards with the appearance of boards covered with natural oil are also readily available. This type of board is a great choice when designing an interior in a rustic or industrial style.

Varnished floorboards are relatively resistant to damage. However, the boards may lose their original shine if used in floors on communication routes or as a result of heavy use. It is therefore very important to take proper care of the boards and regularly coat them with Barlinek’s floor protection agents.


Nearly every customer who decides to purchase Barlinek’s floorboards faces a serious dilemma – whether to choose oiled or varnished flooring. Both solutions have their benefits. Varnished floorboards are first of all much easier in use and do not require frequent professional maintenance. The boards are covered with a layer of varnish, preventing dust from penetrating into the wood structure and making them easier to keep clean and more resistant to dirt. Unfortunately, varnished floors are quite susceptible to scratching and damage. Furthermore, no isolated repairs of the boards are possible – the entire floor surface must be renovated or individual damaged boards must be replaced.

Oiled floors will remain in top quality only if they are regularly re-oiled to further refine them. This helps them stay beautiful for many years without sanding. The oil also helps mask minor blemishes. Oil-finished flooring is also a slightly better choice for those suffering from allergies, as it doesn’t attract dust


Barlinek offers an extremely broad range of varnished floorboards. Boards are available in all collections, in a wide array of patterns and colours. Varnished floors come in various finishes – high-gloss, matte varnish, semi-matte varnish and Professional varnish. Each type of flooring has a different number of knots and a characteristic wood grain pattern that can be extremely clear or slightly less clear.


Refinishing a varnished floor involves sanding away its worn-out layers and applying a new coating. This process requires specialised knowledge, and therefore it’s best to have it done by a professional. A wood floor varnish should always be used to refinish the floor.