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Flooring for the children’s room

When designing the interior of their child’s room, every parent faces a dilemma: which type of flooring will be the best choice? The choices are usually narrowed down to: carpeting, parquet, panels or wooden boards. Natural wood is the best choice from among the above options, thanks to its beauty and ability to ensure good protection against cold and create a healthy microclimate in the room. Wooden floorboards are also a great choice for interiors used by those suffering from allergies.


Young children will spend several hours a day on the floor. They will use it to run, build structures from building blocks, drive toy cars and do flips. What’s the best choice for a children’s room floor? Natural wood. Floor made of this material will impart a friendly and cosy mood to the room. It will also ensure that the room stays warm, as wood is an excellent insulator against cold. Furthermore, a wooden floor in a child’s room can also insulate against noise. A layer of insulating material under the floorboards will be sufficient to achieve this goal. This will enable children to jump as much as they want without disturbing the downstairs neighbour even in an apartment block.


Flooring made from artificial materials is electrostatic, causing it to collect dirt. In contrast, floorboards made of natural materials do not attract dust or mites, making them a great choice for those suffering from allergies. Barlinek’s floorboards are made 100% out of wood, imparting them with a natural look and a nice smell. However, few people are aware that wood flooring ionises the air, creating a favourable microclimate in the room and ensuring a positive impact on the health of those living in the interior.


A natural floor in your child’s room is easy to keep clean – just vacuum it. More persistent dirt can be wiped with a damp cloth. The floor in your child’s room should be waterproofed to give it extra protection against moisture. The right type of product will prevent liquids that your child might spill on the floor surface from penetrating into the floor. A product recommended by the manufacturer is the best choice to maintain the floorboards. Another advantage of a wooden floor in a child’s room is its ease of renovation. Over years of intensive use, boards can get scratched and lose their shine. Fortunately, they can easily be refinished. To do this, simply refresh the floor with a suitable refinishing agent. If the board sustains heavy damage, it can be sanded down and recoated using oil or UV varnish.