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Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring


The most characteristic features of the floors from the SENSES collection are their dimensions. Greater than a standard width of the board (207 mm), this has been additionally emphasised by bevelling along the edges. The effect is rounded off by the 3.2 mm thick surface layer of oak. Thanks to the floor’s cross structure it can be used over underfloor heating. The floor is easy to care for and keep clean.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Tastes of Life

Tastes of Life is the Barlinek board in its most designer incarnation. The most fashionable shades in a bold combination with the natural beauty of real wood.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Classico Line – Chevron

A class of its own. The natural floor, arranged in a timeless pattern of Chevron, fits into any style of interior. Chevron pattern gives the rooms an elegant character.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Classico Line - Herringbone

A class of its own. The natural floor, arranged in a timeless pattern of and classic herringbone, fits into any style of interior. Herringbone pattern is intended for people who value tradition and at the same time focus on modern design.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Pure Line

Wood in its purest form. The highest quality plain boards with a width of 180 mm or 155 mm, lacquered or oiled. It is an exclusive and the most effective way to showcase the natural beauty of wood.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Decor Line

The latest trends in colour. For those who appreciate modern design and original colours. Floorboards with a width of 180 mm and 155 mm stained in the most fashionable shades are perfect for seekers of avant-garde solutions.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Life Line

The beauty of wood, unrivalled durability. The 207 mm wide three-strip floorboards of exceptional durability ensured by a highly resistant lacquer – a two-time winner of the international abrasion and stain resistance test and 130 mm wide plain floorboards.


Oiling a floor is a proven way to protect the boards for many years. Oiling highlights natural wood pattern. Oiled floors are great for interiors exposed to heavy wear. It is an excellent choice for public facilities (e.g. libraries, restaurants, furniture stores), and apartments with pets. They are also suitable for living rooms and children's rooms. Barlinek's range has floors oiled with natural oil or UV-hardened oil.
  oiled engineered oak flooring  
Oiled floors have many advantages. First of all, they are made of 100% wood finished with natural oil. As a result, they are even-more friendly to the environment, people and animals. Oiled oak boards also have very stable dimensions, which do not change under the influence of humidity and temperature fluctuations. Oiled floors are eminently suitable for laying on top of underfloor heating systems, and they are pleasant to touch - even warmer than other types of board.
  oiled engineered wood flooring  
The great advantage of an oiled floor is its attractive appearance. Oiled Barlinek board is like good wine – the older it gets the better. Re-oiling the floor allows you to preserve some small imperfections which add taste.
An oiled wooden floor is also recommended for homes occupied by allergy sufferers. All because it attracts dust to a very-small extent. Oak oiled floor is also a good way to ensure that the apartment always looks perfect.
Oiled floors emphasise the character of the arrangements inspired by natural environment. They look impressive in Scandinavian, rustic and country interiors. They also present themselves well in lofts, where they will cope with the harsh conditions. For practical reasons, oiled floors are a great choice for the kitchen. It is also a good choice for dance and training halls.
  oil finished engineered wood floors  
The oiled floor from Barlinek does not require further finishing work immediately after installation. For practical reasons, however, it should be covered with one layer of a special agent Wax Care Plus.
  oil based wood floor finish  
Daily maintenance of the oiled floor should be carried out using a special soap for oiled floor. Harder dirt can be removed with Magic Cleaner available in Barlinek's range. It is also very important to periodically renovate the oiled floor – the frequency depends primarily on the footfall in the room. To revive the wood, it is enough to apply agent Wax Care Plus.
Any stains can be removed from oiled wood floors with a special agent. In the event of minor damage, the spot renovation of the oiled floor can be carried out.