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A merbau floor impresses with its intense colour, which matures over time. Dark wood affected by sunlight and other atmospheric factors assumes a unique character. Shortly after production, the layered wood flooring with merbau top layer merbau has a yellow-brown colour, which strongly darkens. A huge advantage of merbau floors is the impressive wood pattern and decorative graining with golden accents.
Merbau wood flooring in 100% wood. The two bottom layers are a cross-shaped softwood structure, and the upper one is a carefully selected wood from an exotic hardwood tree. Merbau is a species customarily used in furniture production, and in other industries related to interior finishing, e.g. in the manufacture of stairs, floors and counter tops. It is valued not only because of its aesthetic qualities, but also its dimensional stability.
  merbau flooring  
A dark floor with a spectacular, golden-wood, pattern is a fine choice for designer arrangements. It is very well suited to minimalist interiors. It will also look impressive in rooms decorated in eclectic, exotic and art-deco styles. Merbau floors are also a great idea for finishing offices and libraries. Their unique character will add chic and elegance to these interiors. An interesting way to create an intriguing floor will also be to use a combination of two types of wood – a bright one and merbau floorboards. This is an interesting idea, thanks to which you can not only decorate the room, but also visually divide the space, e.g. in lofts. What types of walls and furniture are best for merbau floor panels? Dark boards blend beautifully with white and delicate beige, which visually enlarge the room. They can also be successfully combined with wallpapers in geometric patterns. On merbau floors you should primarily arrange furniture in bright colours. The contrast will allow you to fully bring out their beauty.
Merbau wood flooring can be found in the Life collection. They can be used to create a really decorative floor in 100% real wood. They have a dark colour and a decorative pattern with a delicate golden shade, which is enriched by several knots. Within the board there are three strips of decorative staves. The merbau floor from the Life line looks somewhat resembles a traditional parquet floor.
The beauty of merbau floorboards from the Barlinek collection is enhanced by a layer of professional-finish varnish. The lacquer coating is applied at the production stage, thanks to which the merbau floor does not require further finishing works after installation. Barlinek also offers merbau floor strips of various heights and profiles. What's more, there are also floorboards made of other species of dark, exotic wood – jatobe and sapele.
Merbau wood panels should be primarily vacuumed on a daily basis. The should by protected against dampness and excessive moisture. Harder dirt can be washed off with a special agent dedicated to the care of the varnished Barlinek board. In addition, merbau floors should be covered with protectors from time to time, which will give them a new glow and protect it from the penetration of dust. It is enough to pour the preparations on the cleaned Barlinek board and spread with a mop.