Barlinek flooring in your interior   

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Designed and dedicated especially for the NEXT STEP collection floors. The underlay can be used with other floors from the Barlinek offer as well as laminated floors.


The fixmat sound 2.1 sd underlay is dedicated to be used under multi-layer engineered wood floors but can be successfully used under artificial laminate floor with locking joints (the underlay meets the strict requirements set by the EPLF association).

Standard installation kit

The installation kit consists of the tools necessary to install multilayer floorboards properly and quickly. The set includes:

  • metal holder – makes it easier to knock the board home in the lateral joint and by the wall, etc.
  • wooden tapping block – makes it easier to knock the board home in the lateral joint

Hybrid polymer-based adhesive Barkiet 1K 950

Professional single-component hybrid polymer-based adhesive:

  • highly flexible after drying
  • designed for gluing layered boards, solid boards, mosaic parquets, traditional, layered, industrial( 16-22 mm), and interlinked exotic parquets to the subfloor
  • designed for use on cement and anhydrite screeds, concrete, chipboard, and planed OSB
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • solvent-free
  • average consumption 900-1400 g/m²
  • setting time: 30-40 minutes

15 kg pack:  KLJ001006

Clip for attaching board to wall

A metal mounting clip enabling quick, safe and easy mounting of any 14 or 15 mm thick multilayer Barlinek floorboard to the wall. The transition along the board to the wall has:

  • an original design, it emphasises the natural beauty of the wood in the entire interior arrangement
  • using the Barlinek floorboard as a wall covering with a wide range of floorboards giving an endless number of interior design solutions,
  • additional sound insulation of rooms.

Pack of 50

Mounting clip for skirting board

Metal mounting clip — Barclips designed for mounting of Barlinek skirting boards. Allows easy and quick attachment of skirting boards, and also removal, if necessary.

Pack of 15 / Pack of 50

Grey underfloor board 5.5 mm, 6.99 m²

An ecological and environmentally friendly product made from compacted wood fibre:

  • good thermal and acoustic insulation
  • resistant to heavy loads
  • levels out subfloors to around 3 mm
  • quick and easy to install


  • Acoustic absorption – 15-19 dB
  • Thermal conductivity 0.07 W/mK
  • Thermal resistance – 0,079 m2K/W
  • Density – 250 kg/m³

Cork mat 2 mm, 10 m2

An ecological and environmentally friendly product made from compacted natural cork:

  • good thermal and acoustic insulation
  • resistant to heavy loads
  • durable and flexible
  • moisture-resistant
  • quick and easy to install


  • Acoustic absorption – 19 [dB]
  • Heat transfer coefficient 0.20 [W/mK]
  • Density – 200 [kg/m3]

Wax Care Plus

After the floor is laid is recommended to be protected with Wax Care Plus.

Agent for first and periodic care of wood floors finished with natural oil.
Ecological product:

  • when applied regularly it protects, regenerates and refreshes a surface
  • displays hydrophobic properties.
  • it is recommended that you use Wax Care for first care for all types of floors finished with natural oil. After drying, the silky matt surface may be polished using a towel or polisher to achieve a high degree of polish

Magic Cleaner

Concentrate for very dirty and greasy floors, and for floors before renovation. 1 l.

Ecological product:

  • liquid concentrate to be diluted in a ratio of 1:10
  • removes stubborn dirt and grease
  • product does not contain bleach
  • biodegradable.

Notes on use:

  • Apply the diluted solution evenly over the floor using a mop or cotton cloth.
  • Wait 5 – 20 minutes for the liquid to start working.
  • Use a clean cloth to collect the dirt which is released. Then clean the surface 2 or 3 times with clean water.
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • After the floor has completely dried, Wax Care maintenance agent must be applied to it.

Wash Care

Concentrate for everyday cleaning of naturally oiled wood floors. 1 l.

Ecological product:

  • liquid concentrate to be diluted in a ratio of 100 ml concentrate to 5 l. of water
  • refreshes the surface and prevents it getting dirty again.

It has anti-slip properties. If the surface of the floor is too wet after cleaning, it should be wiped with a dry cloth.

Protektor Shine

Protektor Shine for renewing the coating of lacquered floors 1 l.

For periodic care of lacquered wood floors:

  • product ready for use in undiluted form
  • does not contain paraffins or waxes and thus does not smear or collect dirt
  • forms a highly resistant coating that is renewed during subsequent uses
  • conceals small scratches
  • protects the wood floor in areas of intensive traffic such as offices or shops
  • wipe the floor with Protektor Complete each time before applying Protektor Shine

Protektor Concentrate

Protektor Concentrate for everyday care of lacquered floors, 1l.

  • liquid concentrate to be diluted in a ratio of 100 ml concentrate to 5 L of water
  • contains no wax, which facilitates the subsequent renovation of the floor
  • does not leave stains or streaks • forms a resistant, antistatic, non-slip film on the floor surface
  • it can also be used on stone and ceramic floors.

Barkiet 1K 950 adhesive primer

Single-component polyurethane primer:

  • designed for preparing (priming) cement, anhydrite and concrete bases before gluing down a parquet using Barkiet 1K 950,
  • increases the glue’s adhesion to the subfloor,
  • strengthens the top layer of the subfloor, binds dust to the subfloor,
  • solvent-free,
  • applied with a nylon-fibre roller, sponge roller or a flexible trowel,
  • average consumption 90-200 g/m² .


KLJ001007: 5 l. pack


Protektor Complete

Protektor Complete for thorough cleaning of lacquered floors 1 l.

Concentrated intensive agent for degreasing and periodic deep cleaning of lacquered floors:

  • liquid concentrate to be diluted in a ratio of 50-300 ml of liquid per 5 l. of water, depending on how dirty the floor is
  • effectively removes stubborn dirt, stains and old layers of pastes and other maintenance agents, including old coatings of Protektor Shine
  • does not leave stains or streaks
  • ideal for use before lacquering floors, and also before refreshing with Protector Shine

Professional tapping block (Barclick, Barlock)

Universal assembly block:

  • used for installing layered wood floorboards with any kind of transverse or lateral joint and to solid wood floorboards mounted by the floating method or with adhesive to the subfloor
  • made from highly resistant material. • effectively absorbs the impact of a hammer