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Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring


The most characteristic features of the floors from the SENSES collection are their dimensions. Greater than a standard width of the board (207 mm), this has been additionally emphasised by bevelling along the edges. The effect is rounded off by the 3.2 mm thick surface layer of oak. Thanks to the floor’s cross structure it can be used over underfloor heating. The floor is easy to care for and keep clean.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Classico Line – Chevron

A class of its own. The natural floor, arranged in a timeless pattern of Chevron, fits into any style of interior. Chevron pattern gives the rooms an elegant character.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Pure Line

Wood in its purest form. The highest quality plain boards with a width of 180 mm or 155 mm, lacquered or oiled. It is an exclusive and the most effective way to showcase the natural beauty of wood.

Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring

Life Line

The beauty of wood, unrivalled durability. The 207 mm wide three-strip floorboards of exceptional durability ensured by a highly resistant lacquer – a two-time winner of the international abrasion and stain resistance test and 130 mm wide plain floorboards.


The oak board is appreciated for its durability and aesthetics. Barlinek markets a very wide selection of oak shades. There are boards finished with either varnish and oil, in a variety of decorative graining. The oak floorboard from Barlinek also has a unique structure which ensures its high dimensional stability and durability. Thus is it a perfect choice for new and renovated apartments. They are installed easily and quickly. The oak floor can also be successfully laid over underfloor heating systems.
oak flooring  
All oak boards available in Barlinek's collections are 100% natural wood. They make up a floor whic can keep its beauty for many generations. In the event of visible signs of wear, the oak floorboards can be easily renovated. It is enough to sand the damaged layers and cover the oak boards with new varnish or oil. A floor made of natural wood looks truly exclusive. It is also health-friendly. Oak boards ionise the air and help maintain the proper microclimate in the apartment. In addition, they do not attract dust, and are perfect for arranging rooms occupied by allergy sufferers. An oak floor is also easy to keep clean. It can be vacuumed in no time.
engineered oak flooring  
Oak is known for its stre ngth, and it is it that makes up the upper layer of oak boards. Below it are two more layers of high-quality softwood with a cross-shaped structure. This formation provides the high dimensional stability of the oak boards. As a result, they are very resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, the three-layer oak board can be laid over underfloor heating systems.
oak laminate flooring  
Oak boards from Barlinek are easy to instal. They can be used in both new buildings and interiors under renovation. They perfectly suit apartments and public facilities. And the installation does not require professional skills. They can be laid in a floating system or using glue. The long edge of each oak board features the BARCLICK® lock, while the shorter one has the BARLOCK 5Gc® transverse lock. They allow not only the easy laying of the floor, but also its quick disassembly. The oak boards can be in use immediately after installation.
oak wood flooring   Barlinek's range also includes 2 strips ideal for finishing the oak floor. Available in multiple colours. They can easily be chosen to match the colour of the oak boards. It is also a good idea to finish the wooden floor with a striking frame of bleached slats. Installing them is also not difficult. Above the oak floor, simply fasten the fixing clips and adjust the trimmed slats.