Varnished skirting boards perfectly mask the expansion joints between the wall and the floor. They are also an effective frame for the floor. Thanks to the two grooves milled on the underside, the boards can be fastened in an aesthetic way, using the clips provided by Barlinek, or glued with mounting adhesive. An additional groove in the base of the board allows you to mask antenna or telephone wires. Varnished skirting boards blend well with a floor made of natural wood. The huge selection of designs and colours makes it easy to adjust them to the style of your interiors and the colours of your floors. Varnished skirting boards are available in many colours and patterns, including painted, veneered and foiled. In our range we also have white varnished skirting boards, which are a beautiful accent and complement to your interior.

varnished skirting boards

Skirting boards are designed to help keep the rooms clean. They prevent the penetration of dust under the floor surface. What’s more, they protect the lower parts of the walls from scratches and damage. All varnished skirting boards are made of 100% softwood, overlaid with natural veneer, and finished in varnish.

White varnished skirting boards blend well with light-wooden boards. They are also interesting in combination with dark floors with which they create an impressive contrast. However, veneered varnished skirting boards in various shades of wood are a great choice for classic interiors. Due to the large selection of colours, you can easily match them to the colour of your floor.

Barlinek varnished skirting boards are easy to assemble. They are installed using the clips supplied by the Company, which should be screwed to the wall, and then the skirting boards put on them. What’s important, you can easily cut them. The product can also be used without any problems at the point where the board is connected to the door frame.

Our range includes a white skirting board painted in the following versions painted, varnished and veneered, with different types of profile. In addition, we have skirting boards varnished in many colours, allowing everyone to find the perfect skirting board, which will complete the entire interior arrangement. Some available varnished skirting boards can also be found in a high-gloss finished version.