High skirting boards are becoming more and more popular. They are an impressive decoration for the room and are suitable especially for spacious interiors. High skirting boards available in Barlinek’s range are made of 100% coniferous wood, which is painted, foiled or covered with natural veneer. For modern interiors, we especially recommend high skirting boards in white. Among those in the colours of natural wood, you can choose from many motifs, such as Oak Touch, Oak Sense, Oak Harmony, Ash Beech and Jatoba. All high skirting boards are available in lengths of 2,200 mm and in heights of 90 mm and 95 mm.

high skirting boards

High skirting boards look especially well in bright interiors. They will become a perfect complement to the interior design in the English or Scandinavian style. They also look good in lofts. In interior designs the high skirting board should match the colour of the Barlinek Board floor. In interiors a solution is also often found in which wood-coloured floorboards are enclosed in a surround made of white skirting boards.

The high skirting board is not only beautiful, but also practical. Thanks to the appropriate height, it nicely masks expansion joints, i.e. breaks visible between the floor and the wall. In addition, high skirting boards from Barlinek make it easier to cover telephone and antenna wires. All because they have a milled groove along which you can run installation wires.

The high skirting board is easy to assemble. You can install it in a few simple steps. The first step is to screw to the wall the wall clips supplied by us, and then fasten the high skirting boards onto them.

What is important, they can be easily cut to the required dimensions and create sections which allow the effective finishing of the connection points with the door frame.