Barlinek flooring in your interior   

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While maintaining the right proportions of density and thickness of the mat, barlinek has managed to design an ecological product that optimally meets all the requirements for the best underlays.

The fixmat sound 2.1 sd underlay is dedicated to be used under multi-layer engineered wood floors but can be successfully used under artificial laminate floor with locking joints (the underlay meets the strict requirements set by the EPLF association).

This underlay has a wide range of applications, but most importantly it:

  • Improves acoustic comfort – high level of soundproofing and sound absorption.
  • Perfectly conducts heat that may help with saving on heating costs.
  • Has a very high coefficient of resistance to loads – for rooms with heavy traffic, extends the flooring service life.
  • Additionally, it is integrated with a metallised vapour control film (after being glued with a tape) – it does not allow residual moisture from the substrate to pass through.

The 7.5 x 1 m flooring mat, due to its high specific weight of approx. 1.85 kg/m2, is available in rolls of 7.5 m2.
The underlayment is heavy, thus it does not roll; it adapts well to the substrate, and the correct rolling direction on the roll allows to spread it quickly and easily without much effort. It is the ideal mat format to minimise waste, making it easy to calculate the amount needed for each room.

BASIC TECHNICAL PARAMETERS (for engineered flooring):

  • IS – Soundproofing ~ 19 * [dB]
  • R – thermal resistance ~ 0,009 [m2K / W]
  • SD – with integrated vapour barrier (after bonding with the alu-strap / free in pack)-> 75 [m]
  • RTF – flame retardance class (flame-retardant – for construction work) – BflS1

* maximum value for engineered flooring Barlinek

Roll sheet size 7500 x 1000 mm

Technical data sheet (download)
Leaflet (download)