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Barlinek Floorboard The Best Again!



We have clear evidence that our floorboard is the best. We came out winners once again in an independent test of wood floor quality conducted by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. This time our floor was included in a test commissioned by Villalive, Sweden's top interior design magazine. 

The floorboards were tested for resistance to staining with various liquids poured on them. The laboratory investigated how coffee, red wine and olive oil spilled on the products affected their appearance. Filter papers previously soaked in red wine, olive oil and coffee were laid out on the floors being tested. After 24 hours, the floors were cleaned using the same cleaning agent and visually assessed as to whether they were stained.

A second extremely important test was to check the abrasion resistance of the surface layer of each product. The floors were impacted by falling sand and subjected to the action of two revolving leather straps. This is the most popular method used in the floor industry to test lacquer's resistance to abrasion. The more revolutions the floor withstands, the more resistant it is. This test demonstrates directly how resistant a given wooden product is to damage during everyday use.