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09.09.2021 14:20

Dark floor in living room – only for the brave

Although a warm coloured wooden floor is a timeless solution, more unconventional boards in darker shades are also becoming more popular. Thanks to their elegance and combination of originality and depth of colour, they are becoming the centrepiece of many modern interior designs. A dark-coloured wooden floor in the living room can be a great [...] Learn more
09.09.2021 14:00

Kitchen flooring

Is a wooden floor in the kitchen a good idea? Many people aren't sure if natural wood will work well in an interior with lots of steam, moisture and dirt. Let us dispel these doubts. A wooden floorboard in the kitchen will not only look beautiful, but will also be practical. INTERIOR WITH A SOUL [...] Learn more
09.09.2021 13:52

White floor in living room – trendy and classy

The Scandinavian style, currently the style of choice in the most fashionable interior designs, loves bright colours and natural materials. Our white floors perfectly combine these features and will be an ideal background for any interior arrangement, including in other styles. The bright boards will also go well with Provençal, rustic or eclectic style. But [...] Learn more
10.03.2020 10:22

Chevron engineered wood flooring – a floor with a timeless design

Boards arranged in a chevron wood floor pattern used to decorate the beautiful rooms of villas and palaces. Today, this pattern has come back - experiencing its renaissance. Strips cut at an angle of 45 degrees create an impressive composition which gives an interior lightness and elegance. CHEVRON BARLINEK Oak Honey Chevron 130 new Oak [...] Learn more
16.01.2020 12:49

Herringbone flooring in a modern style

HERRINGBONE FLOORING IN A MODERN STYLE The Pure Classico Line is a range of wooden floors for those who value tradition, but at the same appreciate modern design. This natural floor in a classic herringbone pattern will suit interiors in any style. The floor will enliven modern arrangements in a striking manner and will complement [...] Learn more
04.12.2019 12:07

Flooring for the children’s room

When designing the interior of their child's room, every parent faces a dilemma: which type of flooring will be the best choice? The choices are usually narrowed down to: carpeting, parquet, panels or wooden boards. Natural wood is the best choice from among the above options, thanks to its beauty and ability to ensure good [...] Learn more
29.11.2019 09:06

White wooden floors

White floor boards are a fashionable trend in interior design. A white floor looks great in the apartment, visually enlarging its size and brightening the interior. They perfectly match Scandinavian, rustic or minimalist arrangements. White floor boards are a great background for darker furniture. Oak Salt Grande new Oak Salt Herringbone 130 Oak Balos Herringbone [...] Learn more
28.11.2019 16:19

Varnished floor boards

Varnished floor boards are highly valued by those who use them. They are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. Barlinek offers varnished floors in various styles, with each board being made up of one or three strips of wood. All boards are made 100% out of wood. The bottom two layers are made of softwood [...] Learn more
28.03.2019 16:43

Strip flooring

  The strip flooring from Barlinek looks very impressive. Our range includes single-, triple- and six-strip engineered wood flooring. The 3-strip and 6-strip flooring is very similar to a classic parquet. Thanks to this, they perfectly complement classic interiors, and give a cosy feel. Their universal colouring makes the floor fit both classic and modern [...] Learn more
23.10.2018 17:12

Which flooring is best for your bedroom?

After choosing a floor for the living room, it's time to move on to the bedroom. The colour of the walls and the finish of the floor are also very important here. And don't forget about another important thing - the bedroom is a place of relaxation, so it must be arranged so as to [...] Learn more