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Vinyl flooring Barley Flow

Imagine the waves on the endless golden oceans of barley laid by the wind. Do you know that summer heat, that smell of a coming storm? Light up and warm your home with the golden glow of this extraordinary floor.

Catalogue No. 1V5000006

Suitable for under-floor heating
Suitable for under-floor heating


Product features
Lengthwise joint: 2G
Header joint: 5G
Suitable for under-floor heating: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Class: 33 (thickness 4,5 mm)
Structure: Synchronous wood
Top layer thickness: 0,55 mm
Dimensions boards
Width [mm]: 228.6
Length [mm]: 1523
Thickness [mm]: 4.2
Number of boards in a pack: 8
Number of m2 in a pack: 2.785
Warranty: 25 lat (mieszkaniowa), 7 lat (komercyjna)