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Barlinek’s Green Investments

Barlinek launched a Trigeneration Unit at its factory in Barlinek October 2018. The unit consists of a 25 MWt biomass-fired boiler for burning woodchips (Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring production waste), a back-pressure steam turbine coupled with a 5.5 MW

Currently, our own electricity generation covers on average around 60% of the energy demand of the Barlinek’s factory and 100% of heat for production processes.
This means that Barlinek can buy this much less energy from the grid, that is from producers who generate electricity in conventional coal-fired power plants that emit CO2 to the atmosphere.
This is not the only green initiative of the company. Under Barlinek’s own “1 for 1” programme started in 2000, a tree seedling is purchased for each package of Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring sold. The “Barlinek Customers’ Forest” is now over 15 million tress strong. A single tree absorbs approximately 7 kg of CO2 annually, which means that the forests planted by Barlinek absorb 105 million kg of CO2 per year.