On 16th November 2019 more than 100 Barlinek employees and volunteers, took part in another tree planting campaign in Romania. Spades and garden forks were used and the forest has been enriched with more noble oaks.

This year planting took place in the region Vrancea, which has been enriched with 2 thousand young oaks. Adding to the already 140,000 trees funded by Barlinek.

The campaign of planting the trees is related with our eco-program “1=1” under which, for every Barlinek branded box sold, we plant a tree. Tree planting is also an opportunity for Barlinek employees to not only team build but, also to integrate in the company’s philosophies.

The action is carried out in Poland, Ukraine and Romania. All in all, the forests Barlinek harvest from have more than 15 million trees growing, and this number is increasing every year.